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My family and I currently are stationed on Whidbey Island. In Oak Harbor, Wa. Tilden is in the navy and is ready to get out. haha well in 2011!! But we have a great time being together and learning new things and meeting new people. We have a wonderful lil boy Maddux, who is 4 and have a beautiful baby girl Bella, who is now going on 6 months. They are the world to us. It is the best feeling in the world to wake up every morning with a smiling face or our little boy saying morning mom and daddy. I am so thankful that I am able to stay at home with my kids, thanks to my wonderful husband Tilden. We are hoping to be out of the military by spring of 2010 and heading back to idaho for just a few years and then we will see where our life takes us. I am looking forward to this journey ahead with my beautiful family.

September 11, 2010

No more Chip....

Maddux has been through a lot in his little lifetime, & his most recent accomplishment has been fixing his teeth. Due to the thyroid disease it has done some damage to his teeth. He gets cavities a lot faster than usual. He had gotten a chip in his tooth a yr back and we tried getting it fixed but the dentist we saw couldn't help us. So we switched dentists and since then have had excellent service from them & been working towards fixing the problem. A few weeks back we were coming out of the pizza place and maddux got his foot caught in the rug and fell and hit his face right in the pavement. Poor guy. Well because of the already chipped tooth it cut his lip up pretty good and chipped his tooth even more. So when we saw the dentist we decided it was time to fix it for good. Maddy went it two days ago and had two crowns put on his two front teeth. Due to the problems he has he is most likely not going to lose his teeth for a few more yrs so there was no sense in waiting for his big teeth and we didnt want him going to school with chipped ones. He did so amazing in the dentist, it was his first time getting happy gas & shots to numb the area and the procedure only lasted an hr. He did awesome the whole time!!! I am so proud of how far he has come & how brave my little man is. He really is my hero.

His lip was really swollen still in these pics so no that its not I am going to post some better ones where you can see the teeth better!!

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Cylee Pressley said...

I love that little guy..he has been through a lot! Give him a hug for me. He looks so handsome.